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Joining the Community

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kerry Clark and I am a second year M.A. student at Washington State University. I broadly study rhetoric and composition but focus most of my time developing my skills in ESL pedagogy and the uses of technology to maximize learning outcomes. As my profile says, other interests of mine include

Looking forward, I plan to represent my school and HASTAC by formulating discussions both online and on my campus about the most effective methods for including the use of various computer technologies to enhance teacher's pedagogies. I believe one thing most people might like to know more information about is the various programs that can be found through open access sources and how those programs and software compare to already familiar methods of using technology to improve pedagogy.

To work towards my own improved understanding of how I can use technology, and more importantly to me, how I can TEACH others to effectively use technology, is one of my primary goals for getting involved in the HASTAC forums and discussions already taking place that I can learn from. I look forward to meeting others and reading about others thoughts on pedagogy and otherwise hope everyone has a wonderful academic year.


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