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Hi all!

I am in my third year of undergrad at Hamilton College. I am an English major and during this past summer, I began working with the Digital Humanities department here through the CLASS program. The program provides students the opportunity to learn how to use digital tools to research humanities projects. In addition to working with members of the Digital Humanities department, students also receive assistance from advisors within the department that is related to their projects. Students collaborate on their projects with other CLASS students and faculty at the school.

The project that I began over the summer was a study of the intertextual relationship between the works of Agha Shahid Ali (a poet from Kashmir) and Emily Dickinson. I am using digital tools to study the works, such as NVivo. My project will result in a website in four parts that progresses through the depth of connectivity between two specific poems (one from each poet). The first page presents the poems as is, side by side, and each page after that adds more and more explanation of the connections at work within the poems. The final page is a video of my interpretation of how the two poems influence each other such that they can be read as one conversation. I look forward to working with the Scholars and getting feedback/inspiration for my project as it progresses over the course of the year!



Kerri Grimaldi


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