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HASTAC Scholars 2015 Introduction!


My name is Kelsey Dilday and I am a senior at Purdue University studying English for Pre-Law. I am interested in data visualization as well as intersectionality between the humanities and technology, as that has been the focus of most of my research. I am also interested in all things literature, whether it be the classics or modern writing. I love to read and love to write and have found a home for myself at Purdue's College of Liberal Arts.

Over the three years I've spent at Purdue, I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to enter into a research project with Professor Lukasik that has combined my love of literature with Purdue's love of science and technology. Through exploring technology and data visualization in terms of American literature and periodicals, I have discovered the treachery that can exist within online databases as well as the problems many databases have with tagging their entries. Though my primary loyalty has always been to Liberal Arts, I have begun to understand the immense use of technology in conjunction with liberal arts, rather than just in opposition with it, as many people tend to believe. Instead of being a detriment, technology can be great use in exploring literature and art, and many would benefit greatly from a larger technological presence in the classroom.

When I am not in class and researching, I am working as a legal assistant for a local attorney, drafting legal documents and filing paperwork at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. I look forward to hopefully getting good news back from the law schools to which I am applying and being able to someday expand my research into the legal field!

I joined HASTAC through my work with a professor in the English Department here at Purdue, Professor Christopher Lukasik. He is currently working on a book project titled The Image in the Text. 


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