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Experience with publishing your own photographs in a book

I am hoping to draw on expertise of anyone who has published their own photographs in a book when those photographs include people.  Is it necessary, important, or required to have signed permission from each person in the photo for the book publisher. Will a book publisher require that?

I am sure context matters so here is the context:   I am a social scientist and have pubiished several books. One of my prior books included photos that I took myself, but none included people in the photos.  I simply had to tell the publisher that they were my photographs.

In this book, I plan on including photos that may feature people. They may be taken in restaurants or on the street or in a bar or cafe.  I would  likely not identify the individual by name in the book, although I might decide to include the name in the caption.  WIll the book publisher require me to produce some sort of release or permission ot the person in the photograph?

Thanks to any who have experience in this area.



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