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Who "We" Are on the FutureEd MOOC: Map and Infographics of Participants

The information below is copied from the About You page of the FutureEd MOOC. The markers on the map were placed by the participants of the FutureEd MOOC, and the data for the infographics (courtesy of Kim Manturuk of Duke University) is from the pre-course survey that participants took. 

We are so excited and privileged to learn together with people from around the world!


Our Class Map

Missing a picture? You can also click HERE.

You can add a marker for your own location by clicking the 'ADD' button in the upper right corner of the map, just below the 'Map | Satellite' options. Check back here again later to see the updated map as more students add their locations from across the entire world!

Pre Course Survey Results


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