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New issue of #Alt-Academy focuses on innovative dissertations

New issue of #Alt-Academy focuses on innovative dissertations

Don’t miss the latest issue of #Alt-Academy: “Beyond the Dissertation as Proto-Monograph: Examples and Reflections.” Co-edited by Melissa Dalgleish and Daniel Powell, the cluster of essays is the first in a new project devoted to graduate education reform.

In a world where scholarly publication is changing rapidly, how should we approach the work of the dissertation, and of scholarly qualifications? This group of articles, thefirst of two clusters in the new #Alt-Academy project Graduate Training in the 21st Century, attempts to respond to this question, and to raise new ones, by showcasing the work of early career scholars actively reimagining the dissertation as proto-monograph. —Dalgleish and Powell

The cluster includes contributions from Louis Bury, Justin Schell, Nick Sousanis, Dani Spinosa, and Nicholas van Orden. Part two, focusing on process and experimentation, will be published soon and will include a follow-up to #remixthediss. Stay tuned!  


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