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THATCamp Iowa City Workshops!

As Melody Dworak covered in an earlier post, we are pleased to be hosting THATCamp Iowa City at the University of Iowa!  This “unconference” will run March 30 – April 1, in Iowa City, IA, and there are travel fellowships available for anyone that wants to come.

More specifically, there are travel scholarships for people to come who want to attend our workshops, which will be on the Friday, March 30. So far, we have six workshops on the chart:

1. From Documents to Databases

So—you have an idea for a digital archive, and a bunch of documents you want to “analyze.” How to you think about preparing those documents for a database? This talk will cover early project-planning and document preparation, as well as point to further resources for next steps in a project. (It will cover the concepts for early planning, rather than specific software.

2.  Databases 101

What, exactly, is a database? How do you “build” one? What can a database accomplish for a digital humanities project? Like “From Documents to Databases,” this talk will cover the broad concepts of “what a database is/does”, rather than teaching specific software.

3.  Teaching with a Wiki

Wikis offer the potential to engage students, build a collaborative online learning environment, provide a central location for all sorts of different materials and documents, and can be retained or built on from semester-to-semester. So… how do you make one, and what can you do with it? Participants will be able to leave the class able to create a Wiki.

4.  Building Digital Archives with Omeka (with Melody Dworak)

Our own Melody Dworak will teach the basics of Omeka, a free, web-based publishing software for online digital archives currently being used by the New York Public Library and the Newberry Library. Users can publish all sorts of objects, create exhibits, and change the code as needed (it’s open-source and can be customized with various themes and plugins).

        5. Portable Technologies (with Jon Winet)

Jon Winet, head of Iowa’s Digital Studio for the Public Humanities, will demonstrate a series of small, relatively inexpensive, and portable technologies that can be used to record, upload, photograph, and more.

        6. Collaboration Between Librarians and Humanities Scholars

(details TBA)

We hope these look interesting! We would love to see some of our Midwestern HASTAC cohort at THATCamp Iowa City!


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