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FSDW14 Kath Albury introduction

Hi all, I'm a senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. My research is pretty broad ranging, and I'm currently looking at the ways that young people's practices of digital self-representation ( especially sexts & selfies) intersect with other aspects of formal & informal learning about sex & gender. I'm just finishing the teaching semester, & will be embarking on 6 months of study leave from July 1, so I'm very happy to be joining this community as I ease back into serious research mode. Cheers, Kath



Welcome to the workshop and to serious research mode, Kath! :)

Lori Beth


It's nice to see you here -- you were one of my professors at the University of Sydney when I was in undergrad (2003-6ish)


Sorry, I missed your hello. Were you on exhange at Sydney? There are some great students there in Gender Studies. I'll snoop around here to see what you're up to now.


No, I wasn't on exchange -- I'm Australian and got my BA from the gender studies department at Sydney. I made the move over to the States in 2010 for an MA programme as it gave me access to different opportunities and resources than back home. I stuck around for a PhD, so a few more years of the expat life to go.