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HASTAC Scholar Intro

HASTAC Scholar Intro


L-R: This is me at Liverpool Girls' High School with 3 of  my favourite Photography Senior Students on my last day as a secondary teacher before I moved into HE fulltime (2011) and with my AAEEBL colleagues at the AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference in Boston, July 2014 - Shane Sutherland, development director and co–founder of Pebble Learning, Associate Professor Tracy Penny Light from TRU, ME and Judy Willamson-Batson, AAEEBL CEO). 

From the classroom to the lecture theatre

I have been in education all my life, from school I went straight into a four year undergraduate degree and then I started working as a Secondary art educator way back last century! (1995). I love teaching and I enjoy all aspects of education from research to practice. My digital arts based PhD research is exploring artist identity and curated digital portfolios.

I'm thrilled to be a part of the HASTAC community of scholars and look forward to sharing, collaborating and learning more from everyone. 

Thought I'd share what is constantly spurring me on about the arts in Australian education:


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