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Intro from Kate Gramlich-Roumbos

Hi all, I'm Kate and I'm here at #FSDW14 for the first time. I will be responding to papers without submitting my own, and I'm very excited to learn more about these great projects!

My academic background is in Communication and Gender Studies, with specific research interests in online communities, cyberfeminism, blogging, feminist pedagogy, and social media. I currently work outside of academia in the Content Marketing & SEO field where I've contributed to several discussions on women in STEM and SEO (here's one of the more recent, which has tons of great insights from other women in the field:

Outside of these interests, I also love cats, crafting, reading fiction (one of the biggest perks of being out of school!), and beer :) 

I can be found on G+ here

and my professional Twitter account is @kategramlichseo


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