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Digital Labor Working Group

Hi all: 

I wanted to share my latest project, supported by my HASTAC scholarship, with you:

The Digital Labor Working Group has created a public, crowd-sourced library (via Wordpress, Zotero & Zotpress) and an academic blog that will address issues of technology, contemporary labor, digital research methods, and social theory. The Digital Labor Reference Library is a work in progress, built by four CUNY Graduate Center sociologists at different stages in their dissertation research. As such, it represents a collaborative attempt to sketch out reading lists for an emerging terrain. It is by no means a complete list, but our plan is to update the library as we conduct our research, write our dissertations, and generally explore what it means to be laboring digitally in contemporary capitalism. We will also be reviewing work on our blog. If you would like to suggest something be added to the library or for us to review, please leave us a comment on this page. 


Karen Gregory



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