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Hello! Nice to meet all of you

Hi all: 

My name is Karen Gregory and I am a doctoral candiate in sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). I am just finishing my dissertation, which is called “Enchanted Entrepreneurs: The Labor of Psychics in New York City." My dissertation is an ethnographic account of the labor of alternative practitioners who work to brand themselves in the "new economy" and explores the intersection of contemporary spirituality, labor, and social media. I'm also very interested in research methods, performance, and the role that technology plays in our lives as scholars and researchers. 

I'm an Instructional Technology Fellow at the Macaulay Honors College (Hunter College) and am currently an adjunct lecturer in the Labor Studies Department of Queens College. At the moment, I am developing a "Digital Labor Working Group" with three colleagues and we are building a crowd-sourced reference library (that I hope to visualize next semester), as well as writing and developing curriculum to explore this rapidly changing field of inquiry. Our site should be live in a week or so and you can find it here:

In line with my interest in the "digital itself", I've also co-coordinated an on-going seminar called “The Life of Things” at the Graduate Center's Center for Humanities. If you are curious, you can find our readings here:

I look forward to learning from the group and finding new collaborations that might exists among us. 

- Karen


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