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Introduction from Karen O'Donnell

Hi fellow Feminist Scholars,

My name is Karen O'Donnell and I'm a Doctoral candidate at the University of Exeter in the UK. I work in the field of Theology and Religion and my current project is focused on the flesh of Mary and the body of Christ. I'm using Catholic understanding of the Eucharist (the bread and wine in communion) alongside contemporary understanding of reproductive technology to explore the significance of Mary's body for Christians today. My aim is to construct a Eucharistic theology that calls for the ordination of women in the Catholic church. 

The work I'm hoping to bring to the workshop is focused on trauma theory and Mary's experience of the Eucharist. Trauma theology (based on psychoanalytical work done on the experience of trauma) is a relatively new field in theology but one full of possibilities. I particularly want to move theology away from a focus on suffering and death and towards a more positive (perhaps even a more feminine) focus on fecundity and life. 

I'm excited to see the influence of feminism in other people's work and really looking forward to the workshop (A bit of light relief as I will be marking some of our national examinations (GCSEs) at the same time!)

Best wishes



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