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HASTAC Scholars Event This Friday: "What is a Dissertation? New Models, New Methods, New Media"

Are you writing a dissertation or a thesis? Are you interested in ways that we can challenge, develop, or turn on its head, the very form of the dissertation itself? This Friday, a number of our partners are hosting “What is a Dissertation? New Models, New Methods, New Media,” a co-located event in New York City and on the Internet via livestream. This Forum (co-sponsored by HASTAC@CUNY and HASTAC@Duke) will showcase recent and current doctoral students whose dissertations exemplify innovative, experimental formats: Scalar, video, websites, comics, multimedia interactives.

As a HASTAC Scholar, you are especially invited to participate and contribute! Here are some ways you can participate:

Before Friday:

  • You are most definitely invited to organize your own local screening event. Ask your department if you can project the live stream on a wall, and print some flyers with the help of our kit to do so. Email me, and I can help spread information about your event, and you will be listed as a “virtual partner” on our website.
  • You are invited to contribute to an open public Google Doc, which gives credit to those individuals (you perhaps?) and institutions who are doing and supporting innovative work. It is also a place for information sharing that can serve as a model and guide for others. Why do we need such a document? Because it is easier to find approval for your own innovative work when you can point to precedents and predecessors!
  • The conversation on Twitter via our hashtag #remixthediss is already happening. Tweet a thought, and see how your thoughts get responses and how you spark new ideas!

On Friday:

After Friday:

  • Check out the Google Doc of questions to the panelists, as they will be asked to take 20 minutes of their time to write answers to as many of the questions on the Google Doc as possible.
  • Futures Initiative Fellows and Digital Humanities Fellows will create a #remixthediss website for the project, including video of the event, the Google Doc Q and A, visuals provided by the panelists, and other materials. If you have followed (some of) the steps above, you will have contributed to this amazing website!

Welcome to the first HASTAC event of the semester!


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