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A shameless repost: The Ouroboros; or, How “Digital” and “Humanities” Will Shape Each Other in the Near Future

I recently had the chance to think about digital humanities from the outside, which is a bit of a new experience. EDUCAUSE Review recently focused on the importance of IT in higher ed, and I wrote a column for them about digital humanities. Of course, EDUCAUSE isn't full of digital humanists who are up to speed on what we do and why we do it, so I found myself taking a step back and really thinking about what matters in the abstract rather than what my day looks like on the ground.

Of course, because it's a general audience, I had to start with the ever-present what-is-digital-humanities question, and when I did that, I came back to the fact that we're humanists at our most basic. The end message is an important one: digital or not, humanists need to strive for constant interactive immediate dialogue fostered by diverse scholars interested in practical applications of humanist skills.

I wish I could post the image that went with the print version of the article, but (and I find this very ironic) it's not online.

Have a look and let me know what you think:


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