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Epically Belated Introductions

My apologies for the late introduction post. I've been having so much fun reading everyone's posts, I totally forgot to write my own! Nonetheless, I am very excited to be a HASTAC scholar this year and have been greatly enjoying everyone's blog contributions so far this semester. 

I am a PhD Candidate in English (Media, Cinema and Digital Studies) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am also currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the English Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My research interests include the representation of female desire in popular culture, production environments for romantic storytelling, popular romance studies, digital genres, and participatory culture. My work intersects with media studies, popular romance studies, and audience/fan studies. If all goes well, I'll be defending my dissertation, “Romance Networks: Aspiration and Desire in Today’s Digital Culture," over the summer. (Keep your fingers crossed for me!) 

Given my interest in the lives of media texts and popular media's role in cultural discourse, I try to keep my research and my methods highly interdisciplinary. I received methods training as part of my Communication, Culture, and Technology MA and I continue to use qualitative methods in my work today. I prefer to combine these research approaches with the textual and industry analysis I've been taught to do in English. 

We've got such a diverse range of scholars and disciplinary backgrounds here, I'd love to hear how other folks are approaching their research. Do you like to meld different methods or do you prefer to stick to one at a time?


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