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Katie Morrissey's introduction

Hi everyone, welcome to FSDW 2014!

I'm Katie Morrissey and I'm the co-director for this year's Feminist Digital Scholars Workshop. I'm also a PhD candidate in English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My research focuses on ways digitization has changed the production of popular media and cultural discourse around female desire. If all goes well, I should be wrapping up in Spring 2015. (Fingers crossed!)

The project I'll be sharing for this year's workshop is a dissertation chapter in progress. I've been working to integrate seveal smaller pieces of writing together into a cohesive chapter. I'm hoping to get feedback on how the integration is going. I'm also curious to hear what larger issues might be beginning to emerge as this chapter takes shape.

I absolutely love the workshopping process. I'm excited to read my fellow group member's work and to share ideas with them. 

If anyone needs to get in touch, I can be reached at:


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