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Greetings and Salutations

This is my inaugural entry on HASTAC. I am a PhD student in History at Yale University, with research interests in American and International History. My dissertation-in-progress examines the Mendi Mission and the role of Africa in the American abolition of slavery. I am also the primary web designer and project manager for the Yale Slavery and Abolition Portal, launched in 2010. The portal serves as a one-stop-shop for researchers and students to find primary sources related to slavery, abolition, and resistance. I am currently experimenting with a wiki-style framework that would allow users to upload, edit, and curate their own material. The tests we've run using students in Yale courses have been enlightening.

I am a member of the Digital Humanities Working Group, hosted by Yale's Whitney Humanities Center, and played a role in an outstanding conference on The Past's Digital Presence. When I can find the time, I also make the occasional post to the blog Digital History at Yale. My general interests are in the areas of digital humanities, open access, and the democratization of knowledge.

I look forward to participating in the HASTAC community, which seems really vibrant and fun.


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