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There is something you should know...


... I am really bad at catchy titles.



I am looking forward to working with all of you this coming year!

I am a second year phd student at George Mason University. I am also a GRA at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) working on questions of publishing and digital scholarship.

I was initially drawn to the digital humanities by the possibilities for public humanities work that I see digital tools and methodologies as enabling. Currently so much scholarship is written by the academic community to the academic community. While digital technology is no silver bullet, I find the emphasis on public engagement that is so prevalent within the digital humanities community very encouraging. I am excited to see how both academic scholarship and higher education might expand and improve as a result of more deliberate engagement with the wider audiences the web enables.

My own work is focused on the history of religion. I want to study shifts in religious practices and beliefs as they relate to changing conceptions about the world and peoples’ places in that world. And to do that, I am focusing on women within religious movements in the 19th-century.

And most importantly for this group, I want to do this by digitally investigating both texts and places. Religious movements have left a lot of textual evidence and I am interested in subjected that evidence to some distance reading, looking for patterns over time and across traditions to both confirm what scholars have claimed about religious beliefs and practices and to discover new links. I am also committed to the idea that religion is embodied - it is rooted in practices and places and particular people. I want to explore how geospatial analysis can help scholars both uncover and analyze this aspect of religion in new and interesting ways.

I am excited to see how this year and the interactions with all of you will influence my ideas about digital scholarship and the possibilities for my own work. More importantly, I am excited for what we will accomplish together as such a diverse collection of scholars focused on questions of technology and digital practices. 



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