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Any Interest in a HASTAC Forum Thread on Digital Dissent?

Any Interest in a HASTAC Forum Thread on Digital Dissent?

Hi all, 

I'm thinking about putting together a HASTAC forum thread on "Digital Dissent" that would look at the different ways that people use digital technologies to resist dominant systems. Is anyone interested in collaborating with me on this? If so, let me know and briefly describe what you'd like to see in this kind of discussion.

I'm thinking it would focus on how the web and mobile techs to push back against norms, oppressive systems, etc., but we might also dig into problems that arise within particular technologies, or within particular types of dissent, or even with methods for studying digital dissent as such (e.g. what variables and contexts might prevent us from even thinking through this as a cogent category?). We might also consider how we can reconcile the kind of dissent that happens within a text with the prevailing politics of the technologies/systems that any given text is part of.

I'm also open to considering "the digital" as a topic of contestation within the classroom where the presence or absence of particular digital technologies is often a hot-button issue. 

There's a lot of great scholarship on this topic already, but much of it is spread out across different fields. A HASTAC forum could be a great space for bringing different approaches to this topic together (and perhaps inventing new approaches along the way).

Anyway, these are just my initial thoughts. Let me know if you'd like to help!




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