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Micro economies of DIY craft and women's creative labour.

Hi 2014 Hastac Scholars!

My name is Jacquie Wallace and this is my second year as part of the Hastac Scholar community. I'm a PhD Candidate (ABD) in Communication Studies in my final year at Concordia University in Montreal. Before returning to the academy, I worked for nearly a decade in various media and tech start-ups at the intersection of creativity and commerce. I am a former co-founder and VP, International of Veer Inc. ( and Veer Europe GmbH, the award-winning visual media and design company serving creatives in advertising, publishing and new media, and a co-founder of the boutique social media agency, All Beef Media.

Returning to the academy, I wanted to study the experience of women working in the creative industries and particularly new modes of flexible work and cultural production enabled by neworked techologies, against the backdrop of a post-feminist consumer culture. I am now working towards complementing my dissertation research on the micro-economies of DIY design + craft, women’s creative labour and informal production networks, including a case study of, the global marketplace for handmade goods. I am is also an advisory board member of the Fembot Collective, a scholarly collaboration promoting research on gender, new media, and technology and publisher of the ADA journal.

I look forward to hearing from others with similar research interests and would love to connect and collaborate closely with other Hastac Scholars.


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