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Beta Readers: Fembot wants you!

The Fembot Collective is looking for beta readers for the next issues of Ada, Journal of Gender, New Media and Technology. If you haven't already checked out the inaugural issue, please do (and comment!). There are some really excellent pieces under the theme of "conversations across the field."
That said, we are looking for beta readers for the next two issues of Ada. We don't anticipate that this will be an enormous amount of work, especially given the fact that right now, we're only publishing two issues a year. We're particularly interested in beta readers with expertise in video game studies and feminist science fiction for issues 2 and 3. 
To remind you, the beta process is fairly straightforward: When editors of  issues of Ada are reviewing preliminary submissions, they will have the option of referring articles to beta readers. In order to refer an article to beta readers, the article will have to have great promise, but in its current form be too rough for it to enter the online peer review system.
As we've defined them, Ada beta readers are writers who work with authors to provide critical and constructive feedback, including help with organization, development and progression of an argument, and mechanical recommendations before the work is submitted for peer review. More information about beta readers can be found on the Ada website.
If you are interested in being a beta, please send Carole Stabile ( the following information:
  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Areas of expertise.
Thanks for considering this.
Carol A. Stabile, Director
Center for the Study of Women in Society
University of Oregon

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