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Why isn't anyone talking about the misogyny involved in Amanda Todd's life and death?

Finally, a piece on how gendered the bullying and shaming was in Amanda Todd's life and death:

"With the death of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, BC schools have some reckoning on their hands. Will they take the opportunity to look at the systemic causes of Todd’s experience of harassment and violence, or let the lessons that can be learned from this tragedy get lost in a swamp of ambiguities?"

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Terri Senft had a f*cking tear jerker of a keynote at AOIR13 this year and brought up Amanda Todd. I'll go look through my notes and post up some key points later.


Or maybe Terri will post up her keynote somewhere. It's a manifesto for all of us right now.


Naomi Wolf  was one of the first to write about the sexualization of youth culture during initial media coverage of the Amanda Todd story (October). In September, I also wrote about Todd and Felicia Garcia, another young girl who committed suicide as a result of being bullied online and offline.

Here's my piece To Live and Die in Social Media: What We Can Learn From Amanda Todd and Felicia Garcia