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twitter goes to the MLA

Reporting from the conference of the Modern Language Association. This is technically my December vlog!

Matthew K. Gold and John Jones appear in the video.

Song: by Amanda French

There is a 40 minute video of the panel "Humanities 2.0: Participatory Learning in an Age of Technology" at

The ACH Guide to Digital-Humanities Talks at the 2008 MLA Convention
Twitter panel notes: Brian Croxall, John Jones, Matt Gold, and David Parry
Cathy Davidson on MLA
Lisa Spiro, "Digital Humanities Sessions at MLA 2008"
Matthew K. Gold, "The Rise of the Digital MLA"
Chuck Tryon, "More Syllabus Scramble"
Sybil Vane, "Also Home"
Negar Mottahedeh, "Give me some change AND I'll touch you"
Amanda French, "Digital MLA 2008: An epistolary meta-narrative" [forthcoming]
The Chronicle of Higher Education



Wonder job, Julie!


You are a sweetheart to leave such thoughtful and complimentary feedback about my super-amateur video-making.
I had no idea I had an aesthetic! I'm delighted to hear that you found this a worthy representation of the networked MLA experience.


I want to second Matt's comment . A fabulous job. Have you tweeted your blog about Twitter at MLA?