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Postmodern Language Association

First, I'd like to belatedly point any blog readers to my November HASTAC contribution, a forum discussion that I co-hosted with Chris Hanson:

Second, I'd like to know if any fellow Scholars will be attending the MLA conference? I will be putting in an appearance as a total neophyte (it's not really my field), so I thought I'd bring Peep the bunny along for some vlogging. I'd love to interview you if I can find you!

I'm also seeking pointers to interesting uses (or non-uses) of technology by/at the MLA. For example, Dave Parry blogged about a "'grassroots' funding" initiative.




I'll be attending MLA this year. I'll be presenting on a panel with Dave and Matthew Gold. The details are below:

174. "Microblogging: Producing Discourse in 140 Characters or Less," 8:30+9:45 a.m. Dec. 28, in Golden Gate 6, Hilton

When are you presenting?


I'm so excited that you're doing a panel about twitter (etc.)! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be there in time -- plans are still being made, but I'm probably flying in on the 28th. I'm not presenting a paper, just seeing friends and hopefully a few interviews.

I'd love to meet up, though. Did you see this? Sounds like that panel might be a good occasion to get HASTAC folks together.