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Hello, my name is Julia Polyck-O'Neill. I'm a second year doctoral student in Brock University's Interdisciplinary Humanities program, specializing in the field of Culture and Aesthetics. My research examines the connections between Vancouver, British Columbia's contemporary movements in conceptual (and post- and neo-conceptual) art and writing.

I have completed some coursework in DH, but mainly, my interest and participation in this field occurs outside my formal studies, within the bounds of creative projects and what one might call exercises in professionalization.

In addition to be being a HASTAC scholar 2014-15 (hooray!), I'm  also a doctoral fellow of Editing Modernism in Canada, a project that facilitates collaboration among researchers and institutions from regions across Canada and from the UK, France, Belgium, and the United States, and within the purview of this fellowship, I'm currently a research assistant with the bpNichol project at Brock, and am helping digitize Nichol's texts to contribute to a comprehensive digital archive of his work. 

I'm also developing and curating an exhibition of avant-garde art games, both analog and digital, and aspire to create a digital (or digitized) version of this project. My research for this project has brought me to the field of Game Studies, which is quite divergent from my personal background, but my explorations of exisiting theory and scholarship, and conversations with game scholars (inluding artists involved in the project) has led me to understand contemporary art games as geneologically connected to both historic avant-gardes and developments in New Media. I approach these works from more of a theoretical, rather than practice-based, perspective, although my educational background is in studio art (as well as English and Comp Lit.). The exhibition opens at the end of March, 2015 -- I'll be sure to blog about it!

Finally, further down the line, I am also hoping to develop digital editions of certain Vancouver writers' works [unnamed at this time because the project is in such an early phase, and permissions need to be sought and funding, etc, secured]-- these works are published in an ephemeral format, unarchived, and relatively inaccessible, but are important to my formal doctoral research. I also feel an ethical responsibility to make these works available to a larger scholarly audience, and enjoy the challenge of the attempt to do so. Wish me luck!

Please, feel free to reach out and connect with me. I will be attending DHSI in Victoria this year, during the 'peak week' in June, and hope to connect with some of you there. My passions include community formation and collaborative work; I find the 'hive mind' can produce interesting and compelling results. As you can see from the selection above, I am interested in an array of subcategories of DH, and the nature of my (interdisciplinary) research (formal and 'informal') is such that I find a way to connect with a wide range of researchers and practitioners.


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