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How to download emails, text messages and tweets?

Hi all,


During the last months, I have been collecting information about the recent 2016 US elections. I am about to finish my collection. However, I still have to download some info. Thus, I would like to ask you:


The best way to download emails from a Gmail account. I am interested in downloading the emails as text, but also as a network of those who write and receive the email.
The best way of downloading text messages from an iPhone 6. Are there free apps for this purpose?
The best way of downloading all the tweets from an account.


Thanks in advance!


Juan Larrosa



Hi Juan,

I'm unusure of the best methods for the tweets and the gmail, but I use and really love iExplorer for the iPhone. ( It gives easy access to the entire phone's data via direct access to the databases and / or an iTunes back-up of said phone. The software is about $40, and while there are certainly other tools that can be cobbled together to do this task, including SSHing into the phone from the command line, it is a slick and easy to use "complete package." It's hard to beat iExplorer, even for a price. It excells well above the free soltions in my opinion. The most useful part I've found, which relates directly to what you're doing, is the ability to export iMessage and SMS threads as a PDF with attachements and styles included, so it looks as it did on the phone. From this you can concievably export the text or work with it as needed within the PDF.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Demos!


Google inbox (the updated gmail) has an option to download your email (as well as a lot of other data from your account). Go into My Account, and look for "control your content" under the "personal info and privacy" heading. That brings up the option to download your data.


Thanks, Peter!


Great question. I've been interested in this as well.