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Hi all,

My name is Juan Larrosa. I am from Mexico and arrived in Philadelphia three years ago to study the Media and Communication Doctoral program at Temple University. In Mexico I obtained my bachelor and masters degrees in Communication Studies. During that time, I worked as a journalist in newspapers and radio stations. In 2005 I started teaching and doing research on different topics that are part of the communication research field, such as political communication, sociology of journalism, and political economy of media systems. 

Since July of 2016 I have been working on my dissertation, which its primary objective is to observe, through qualitative research, the operation of the political communication system during the 2016 Presidential Election. The emphasis of this investigation is in the communicative processes produced by Hillary Clinton's Latino staff, mediated by Philadelphia's Latino journalists, and consumed by Philadelphia's Latino residents. 

In particular, I am interested in describing and analyzing how the Democratic presidential candidate and her staff, use digital media (i.e., web page, as well as Facebook and Twitter platforms) for the outreach of Latino communities. Throughout all the electoral cycle, I have been observing the Spanish version of Hillary Clinton’s Web page (, her Spanish Twitter account (@Hillary_esp) and her general Facebook fan page ( My intention is to find and interpret which are the functions, norms, values, and symbols that structure digital communication during the electoral campaigns. 

When the election cycle ends, I will need to sign in for an “information detox clinic,” and maybe (only maybe—that is what heavy users always say) I will stop using my social media platforms for a while. In the meantime, I will keep collective massive amounts of tweets, Facebook posts, and blog articles!


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An important topic and one that will remain relevant after the election. It raises a lot of interesting technical challenges, and that's what excites all of us. Looking forward to seeing how it develops!