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Jennifer's #FSDW Introduction

Hello! My name is Jennifer Sano-Franchini, and I'm an Assistant Professor of Professional Writing at Virginia Tech. I do research in digital rhetoric and writing, with a focus on cultural rhetorics, Asian American rhetoric, and design.
I'm thinking to workshop some piece of my dissertation on representations of East Asian double eyelid surgery on YouTube, looking specifically at how people rationalized the decision to get (or not get) the surgery. I am thinking I can focus on a chapter that discusses the trope of agency in that rationalization (for instance, when people say that they want to get the surgery because it will help them get a better job, or marry into a more advantageous sociopolitical status) and its relation to desire as a rhetorical construct. I'll be looking for feedback on how to revise the chapter to submit as an article manuscript, as well as possibilities for developing the project into a book. 
My email is, and my Twitter is @jsanofranchini. I look forward to the workshop!

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Hi Jennifer,
I’m not familiar with double eyelid surgery. Can you please tell me more about it and why women want to get it done? (I’m scared to look it up on YouTube as I can’t stand watching weird things happen to people’s eyeballs. *eek!*) 

Lori Beth