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The benefits of a Creative Space

Now that finals are upon us and stress is pushing our brains into a jelly like substance that we hope to keep oozing from our ears...

This is why we, at MSU, are lucky to have our Exploratory.  Our space is designed for creative freedom and license in art, music, technology,crafting and much much more.

As I sat the other day, writing a draft  of an eons long paper for my Rhetoric final, I got stuck.  My thoughts refused to flow from my brain to my fingers to be typed. Instead of being frustrated and moaning about the time I was wasting, I got up- grabbed some markers and began to doodle.  Flash forward ten minutes and I had a pretty hand drawn wordle on the board. And I was able to go back to writing.

Being able to creatively express my frustration, fragmented ideas and random thoughts made use of the time that I had set for work.  Instead of sitting and doing nothing while my block left me, I was able to use color, motion, and drawing to help me move forward.

There are those who might call this playing around- I call this process.  By accessing the creative centers of my brain- it allowed me to review my topic and reconceptulaize what I was thinking.   Somthing I could not have done at a library.

Think about it the next time you have work to do- being creative isn't a time waster - it's a break to refresh your brain.



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