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I've been watching the lists for a week while I've been getting situated:)

I am a second year PhD student at Michigan State Univeristy in the Writing, Rhetoric and American Cultures department. My studies are in Digital and Cultural Rhetorics, along with a million pet projects that look at differeing writing practices and modes of writing.

So what an exciting adventure to begin and become a part of.  

This is the continuation of my own pet project about calling attention to some great minority authors.  

Studying the DIgital Humanities and looking at the affects and effects of presenting matieral in multi-modal methods is such an ingrained part of my life I wanted the opportunity to share some ideas of creation.  I am working with a group of students to create a series of book trailers- employing sounds, pictures, text and color to give a brief snapshot of the work and to promote an interest in the book.

This is an exciting project and I look forward into seeing what is produced and also what new ideas are created through the combination of visual and digital rhetorics.


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Hi Jennifer,

I'm just checking out some of the new blogs and looking for scholars who share any of my interests--I just wrote about multimodality in my blog introduction as well!  I'm new to this type of work, so it'd be great to read more about your ideas.  The book-trailers sound fascinating!