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An Unimaginatively Titled First Blog Entry

Dear everyone who may stumble upon this,

I guess I'm using this first post simply to announce my interests to those who might share the same in the HASTAC community or outside of it. As a new HASTAC scholar, I was interested in this organization because it seems to welcome my own interdisciplinary leanings, and because I think that, in general, the academic world could use more cross-disciplinary conversation. In any case, I'm drawn to rhetorical analyses (often reception studies) of what are sometimes called "science and technology controversies." This broad group includes issues in which grass-roots movements, structured corporate interests, and the political class (to name a few) interact (and frequently disagree) over how to craft policy in the face of emotionally charged issues related to scientific and industrial life. A few particualr interests are ongoing debates about teaching evolution or global warming in public schools, animal rights and animal agriculture policies, and urban farming and the associated local food movement. I tend to focus on popular-media presentations of these issues, meaning pop-sci books, newspapers, and magazines.

I'm interested in these topics on a personal level, but also because I think that they lend themselves well to pedagogy in the rhetoric classroom, a place where both the discussion and practice of using technology in the modern world dovetail nicely together. I'd love to hear from anyone with similar concerns.


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