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The Celebrity in Michelle Obama

The Celebrity in Michelle Obama

Joshua Gaugler

English 110

November 13, 2015


The Celebrity in Michelle Obama


            In everyone, there is an inner “celebrity” waiting to be exposed. Everyone in this world wants to be a celebrity in one way or another. This term “celebrity” brings along many traits such as inspirational, influential, and more! A celebrity is someone that people look up to and adore, such as a man like Michael Jackson or maybe even President Barack Obama. However, in this case, I want to take a look at a different Obama. Let’s look at his wife, Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America. First off, who is Michelle Obama? Michelle Obama is the 44th First Lady of America. With this great power and position in society, she has a great responsibility to deal with. With this high status in society, she realizes that she has a vast population looking up to her. She has become a leader in many industries of our nation. Michelle Obama has impacted the lives of American citizens in an immense manner. She is fighting to make a change in this country for the better. For example, Mrs. Obama has taken part in many different programs to better society. One of these programs is the Let’s Move! Campaign. This program attempts to aid in the battle against child obesity. Another initiative of hers has been to better our society with the Let Girls Learn movement. This campaign focuses on helping young girls complete their schooling. One final topic that will be mentioned is the Reach Higher initiative. This program has to do with bettering society. Meaning, pushing young kids to further their education past high school and taking charge of their futures. These are three of the many ways in which Michelle Obama has used her position in the White House to impact society in a positive fashion.


            Michelle Obama has used her “celebrity” status to make a positive change in American society in many ways. According to the book Let's move! America's move to raise a healthier generation of kids: toolkit for faith-based & neighborhood organizations: “To tackle the challenge of childhood obesity in America, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, is leading an Administration-wide effort with the bold, ambitious goal of solving the problem of childhood obesity within a generation. She launched Let’s Move!, an initiative designed to engage parents, families, teenagers, children, schools, and communities in the fight against childhood obesity and ensure access to affordable and healthy food.” (7). This program is one of the many causes she is leading. This specific campaign deals with the aspect of child obesity in America. This program deals with the many ways to stop child obesity. For Example, you could grow a garden. Opening up your home or organized space is a great place to create a community garden. Another method to help prevent child obesity according to this book on Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign is “Partner with a school: Provide community access to your buildings and facilities to operate a Summer Food Service Program or afterschool program to ensure that children have access to healthy meals when school is out.” (6) This gives kids extra or the needed access to a healthier choice of foods. According to the article “Let's keep moving: the nationwide effort to battle childhood obesity is making progress, but schools should continue and expand efforts to promote healthy lives for children,” there has been some positive change due to Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity efforts. As stated in the article, “Major American food manufacturers are cutting 1.5 trillion calories from their products, and national chains like SuperValu and Walmart are building and expanding stores to sell fresh food in 1,500 underserved communities. The Darden restaurant chain, which owns Olive Garden and Red Lobster, is cutting calories and salt and packing their kids' menus with healthier options.” This quote from the article explains to us that due to Michelle Obama’s movement, big chain supermarkets and restaurants experienced major cutbacks in calories. It also tells us that in about 1,500 undeserving communities, fresh food was being sold to customers. This is one area where she is making a significant positive change in American society.


            Another way Michelle Obama uses her celebrity rank to impact American society is through the Let Girls Learn program. What is this program? Let Girls Learn is a program created by Michelle Obama alongside her husband President Barack Obama in the year 2015 to help girls around the world go to and stay in school. In the article “REMARKS BY THE FIRST LADY AT LET GIRLS LEARN ROUNDTABLE (ALL PARTICIPANTS)” Michelle Obama states this herself “That's what this initiative is all about. Because there are 62 million young women like all of the girls here and around the country who aren't getting an education, and their potential is just being lost.” This direct quote from the First Lady herself shows us from the start that there are around 62 million young girls in need of a good education. This is not even a single handed effort. Her and her husband have joined forces with the peace corps to further pursue and spread this program. In the article “Pres. Barack Obama” this is stated, “’Every girl matters, and when she is given the opportunity to get an education, everyone in her life benefits,’ notes Peace Corps Director Carrie Radelet.” This shows both Mr. and Mrs. Obama has brought the peace corps along with them to further this cause. Mrs. Obama has been taking her power in the White House and is most certainly using it to the benefit of the American Society.


            Last but not least, Michelle Obama also uses her popularity to help American citizens through her work with a program called Reach Higher. This program is aimed at motivating young people across the country to take command of their own futures by completing their high school education and venturing past that and moving on to bigger and better things such as a college degree. According to the article “FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA ANNOUNCES REACH HIGHER COMMENCEMENT CHALLENGES” the main goal or purpose of the Reach Higher initiative is this, “The Reach Higher initiative is the First Lady's effort to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university.” In today’s economy, a high school diploma will no longer be adequate for a decent job. Nowadays, searching for a job is nearly impossible with only a mere high school diploma, you must have at least a college degree. That is why she created this program. Her desire was to help build ambition in young adults, to motivate them to strive for the best in life. This is how Michelle Obama uses her “celebrity” status to impact the lives of American citizens.


            As you can see, the First Lady of the United States of America, is considered a “celebrity” due to her influential factors. She is a very inspirational human being in society and she had made it very clear with the work she has done since coming into the White House. Since taking office with her husband, President Barack Obama, she has put many programs into effect that stand at one sole purpose: to enhance the growth of American society. The Let’s Move! campaign inspired a full-blown anti-obesity movement among many supermarkets and restaurants by cutting trillions of calories! Her Let Girls Learn program was a successful movement that enabled and encouraged more young girls to acquire an adequate education. Lastly, Mrs. Obama’s Reach Higher initiative was set in place to inspire many young adults to soar higher in their educational careers and brighten their futures. First Lady Michelle Obama has made an outstanding use of her position in the White House. She has taken every opportunity to further the growth of American society. Michelle Obama has, without a doubt in my mind, impacted the lives of American citizens in a positive fashion.


















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