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DIY digital publishing with Anthologize

If you've been following the work of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University recently, you may have heard about their One Week | One Tool project.  

(Full disclosure: I attended THATCamp Columbus in January, an unconference that began at CHNM and enjoyed it but they did not ask me to write this.)  

The result of the toiling of this 12-person team over one week is Anthologize, a WordPress plugin that allows you to convert blogs and feeds into several electronically published formats.  Take a look at their work at

With conversations in the HASTAC community occurring all the time on the changing notions of digital publishing and what types of digital work "count" in academia, I hope you will take a moment to check it out. This is a tool that I could have conceived using on a few previous occasions. During my time as HASTAC Project Manager, the papers from our first conference in April 2007 were condensed into a volume published by Lulu Press, available in both text and online formats. Though it was only three short years ago, the leap forward in self-publishing a digital project represented by Anthologize is remarkable. Looking forward, I am toying with several ways to put a portfolio of my research online; a customized WordPress site has always been a good candidate but I can dream a bit bigger with Anthologize. To allow a living and moving blog to also be converted to a more polished publication is an attractive idea, and one I hope to use when I get a few spare moments.

And although it was developed from scratch in a feverish seven days, the Anthologize team is eager for comments as they continue to improve it via their user forum.

At Michigan, we plan to use Anthologize for a couple of upcoming projects for digitalculturebooks, and I will be sure to share them with the HASTAC community as they come to light. Are you using Anthologize? Or can you see promise for bringing your or your organization's online projects to a wider audience? Comment away.


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