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Issue 2 of the International Journal of Learning and Media now available


The second issue of the new digital media and learning journal from MIT Press, The International Journal of Learning and Media (IJLM) has been published. This provocative new issue features cutting-edge work from both established and new scholars working in the field. Valerie J. Shute looks at the problems of classroom assessments and how they may be undermining the learning process. James Paul Gee offers an overview of how this new multidisciplinary field of research on Digital Media and Learning came into being and points to how it may look in the future. Kathleen Tyner examines the importance of context for New Media Literacy. David Williamson Shaffer et al. explore the 21st Century problem of assessment of skills in digital learning environments and argue for an evidence-centered design approach. Brigid Barron et al. look at parent support of the development of new media skills and technological fluency. John Palfrey et al. present qualitative research conducted with “Digital Natives” that explores their understanding, attitudes, and discourse on the topic of digital creativity and copyright law.

Finally, in Part II of his article on the origins of Digital Media and Learning research, James Paul Gee offers several “worked examples” that can be used as models for how the discipline may move forward. This article is available for FREE at 

Volume 1, Issue 1 of IJLM is still available for FREE. To access the full contents of Volume 1, Issue 2 subscribe for the low price of $25 for four issues!

The International Journal of Learning and Media, Volume 1, Issue 2



Simply Assessment

Valerie J.  Shute 

Digital Media and Learning as an Emerging Field: Part I: How We Got Here

James Paul Gee




Audiences, Intertextuality, and New Media Literacy

Kathleen Tyner


Formulations & Findings


Epistemic Network Analysis: A Prototype for 21st Century Assessment of Learning David Williamson Shaffer, David Hatfield, Gina Navoa Svarovsky, Padraig Nash, Aran Nulty, Elizabeth Bagley, Ken Frank, André A. Rupp, Robert Mislevy


Parents as Learning Partners in the Development of Technological Fluency

Brigid Barron, Caitlin Kennedy Martin, Lori Takeuchi, Rachel Fithian


Youth, Creativity and Copyright in the Digital Age

John Palfrey, Urs Gasser, Miriam Simun, Rosalie Fay Barnes


Knowing & Doing 

Digital Media and Learning as an Emerging Field, Part II: A Proposal for How to Use “Worked Examples” to Move Forward

James Paul Gee

Six worked examples accompany this article. To learn more visit

IJLM is published quarterly by The MIT Press, in partnership with the Monterey Institute for Technology in Education, and with support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.



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