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HASTAC is on Twitter, again.

As I have previously announced on this blog, we at HASTAC are big fans of Twitter and have used it productively since October to reach out to new audiences, keep our finger on the pulse of the social networking world, and even make a few friends. If you haven't found us on Twitter yet, we are @dmlComp and you can follow us here.  We began that account to help publicize the second year of the Digital Media and Learning Competition, which we administer for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.  Today we are expanding that successful strategy with a brand new Twitter account:

This will be the go-to place to find out about blogs and forums on the HASTAC site (though if you're reading this entry, you've found us already!), projects and events from the HASTAC community worldwide, and more.

You can still find us on our dmlComp account; we will be using it primarily for content related to the two cohorts of Digital Media and Learning Competition winners, the upcoming Competition to be launched in the fall, and news about the Foundation's overall Digital Media and Learning initiative as well as the field in general.  We will certainly cross-post relevant content in both places, but we hope that you'll follow both feeds for all the latest updates from our sphere.


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