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As we approach the end of 2007, there are only a few among the many blogs I've read this year that I find myself going back to. Or at least not removing from my RSS feed. :)

Daily Yonder is a wild ride into rural America and the many issues facing its residents. Their presidential campaign coverage has been great this year, particularly because Iowa and New Hampshire are real DY turf. I've also been struck by their Main Street Economics section, which includes the Yonder 40 stock index. This list of retailers, food producers/distributors, communications giants, airlines, and railroads can clue you in to the places where small towns and farm communities diverge from the prosperity the rest of the country enjoys, and vice versa.For lighter reading, there are also stories like the "Rez vignettes," dispatches from American Indian reservations that I haven't seen anywhere else in the blogosphere, partially because these are some of the least plugged in communities out there. Recent examples are The Good Life of a Reservation Dog and For the Love of Frybread.

I've blogged about them before here, but the ists are still great blogs for anyone looking for info about the 14 cities that Gothamist LLC writes about. The Web 2.0 is in action as you can submit photos tagged "Austinist," "Bostonist," etc. on Flickr for inclusion in their photo pool. Don't forget about these if you're new to one of the cities they write about, or are visiting and looking for something random to do. And if I'm still reading a blog six months after I started, that's a good sign!

Finally, Today in the Sky is USA Today's blog all about commercial aviation, written by Ben Mutzabaugh. In addition to big news from airlines worldwide, there are frequent blurbs about new airline service (like international service returning to my old home airport, Albuquerque). And best of all, you can surf through it and learn a few things without needing to know every type of aircraft on Earth, as sites used by very frequent flyers and airline employees like Flyertalk and seem to require.

Photos courtesy of Flickr users Sublime_Dharma (dogs in Bacavi, AZ) and Angie Vo (747 landing in St. Maarten)


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