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Student/Teacher, Student/Curriculum Relationships

Student/Teacher, Student/Curriculum Relationships


I have been following a number of blogs recently which has prompted me to flesh out some thoughts here.

I come from a music teaching background and understand full well the passion and enthusiasm felt when you are sharing your knowledge and then witness your students taking hold of their own belief in themselves and striving for excellence. The teacher/student relationship can be very rewarding to say the least.

I think the role of a subject teacher, whether it be music, maths, or physics is so much more than teaching them subject matter. We teach life skills, such as commitment to a project, working within a team and overcoming obstacles like nerves, road blocks and problem solving. These are the life lessons that teach our students the ‘calling urge’. These lessons can be influenced by teacher/student relationships, so it is important to help others to be as independent as possible in their learning.

Put simply, we all learn best when WE want to understand something. Not because a teacher tells us to learn. Not because we are accountable to a life coach. True understanding is a result of study, because we want to study and through resourcing the information we require. The successful student will be one who is accountable to themselves and has a goal that they want to achieve for their own sake.

I am accountable to myself, I am relying on my own desire to achieve and therefore I am responsible for my own learning. I don’t rely on someone else to inspire me to learn. I seek assistance from my support network when needed. I don’t learn to receive excellent grades.

There is a saying that highlights the concept that if we are not moving forwards, we are actually falling behind. We must always be students, we must always be bettering ourselves.

What are you studying at the moment?
If the answer to that question is nothing, then I encourage you to do something about it.
Education will change your life!


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