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Learner Centered Teaching and Social Media

As I prepare my lesson plans for the upcoming semester, I've been thinking a lot about integrating various social media platforms.  I'd love to incorporate blogs/Twitter/Facebook/something because they seem like a great way to reinforce the learner centered focus of my department.  Maryellen Weimer's Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice is my favorite book right now.  She discusses how teachers and students can share power.  She also addresses  how learning doesn't mean simply memorizing and regurgitating information; instead, it means making knowledge for yourself.  I'm not sure how to incorporate social media into my classroom, though.  Does anyone have any ideas?  I teach what is often considered to be a freshman composition course because it involves a lot of reading and writing.  However, keeping with my department's focus on Weimer, its main goal is to practice skills like critical thinking, ethical reasoning, etc.



Hi Rebecca!

I don't know if it's not to late writing to you in this topic. I am going to teach my course "Supporting learning" held in teacher education in this semester and I want to try out some social media platforms in my course, also to integrate the learner-centered focus in working out the syllabus.

Maybe I can give you some hints about the topic, for instance a collection of articles about using technology in classroom you can download from here:

Also I found wery interesting thouths on the Faculty Focus blogs, for example:

But I would like to cooperate also beacuse I am rather a beginner in developing learner-centered course syllabus and maybe sharing ideas, experiences could be helpful for each other.

Best wishes,

Zsuzsa (Susan)



I'll take a look at these links.  They look great.  Yes, I'd love to hear how things go in your class!