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How many of you use Twitter?

Hey everyone,

Just curious--how many of you use Twitter? It's my social platform of choice, but I just looked at the #HASTAC hashtag and didn't see many tweets.  Now I'm wondering why that is.  Is it a slow Twitter day, or is it weird talking outside of the boundaries of the HASTAC website? 

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While the #HASTAC tag might be underused at the moment, with the Modern Language Association conference in full swing there are academic tweets being entered at about ten per minute at #mla13:  This seems to be natural for academic tweeting; conferences bring a lot of twitter action for about a week leading up, during, and after the conference.  HASTAC's own annual conference has had the same effect on the #HASTAC tag.

That said,  many conferences seem to settle on hash tags that include the year of the conference, e.g., #mla13 rather than #mla.  As Mark Marino has pointed out, adding the year is unnneccessary as there will be little collision between the, say, 2012 and 2013 editions of MLA tweets, so why not simply use #mla and free up a couple characters (four chars if the tag includes the full year)?  Put another way, #mla without the year branding is clearly a tag associated with the MLA we know (rather than, say, an oil industry loby with the same acronym) so why not use the shorter syntax?

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We are also tagged a lot in others' related posts - so look for @HASTAC, not just #HASTAC!

Glad you're interested! We're tweeting at MLA as well and welcome you to join in the conversation (or at least keep abreast) with hashtag #mla13.


I found some new people to follow by checking out the #mla13 hashtag!