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Wesch on technology in the classroom

Michael Wesch, the Kansas State professor behind The Machine is Us/ing Us and Information R/evolution, has posted an article on the Britannica blog about students' use of technology in the classroom.

Some time ago we started taking our walls too seriously ? not just the walls of our classrooms, but also the metaphorical walls that we have constructed around our ?subjects,? ?disciplines,? and ?courses.? McLuhan?s statement about the bewildered child confronting ?the education establishment where information is scarce but ordered and structured by fragmented, classified patterns, subjects, and schedules? still holds true in most classrooms today. The walls have become so prominent that they are even reflected in our language, so that today there is something called ?the real world? which is foreign and set apart from our schools. When somebody asks a question that seems irrelevant to this real world, we say that it is ?merely academic.?

Not surprisingly, our students struggle to find meaning and significance inside these walls. They tune out of class, and log on to Facebook.

The article is a thoughtful look not just at the fact that students are using technology to distance themselves from the classroom environment but also at the reasons why they are doing so.

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