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Howdy all!

Howdy all!

I'm both honored and excited to be a newly made HASTAC Scholar for 2010-2011; I'm extremely fortunate to have the professors I do at the University of Louisiana, who not only encourage me in my interests, but go out of their way to find opportunities so as to pursue those interests!

I've recently been wading through some of the wells of blogs on this site, and am impressed with the level and range of the sharing of conversations and ideas. I believe this kind of think tank is one of the strongest features of this community. For me, this interaction is both welcomed and a bit of a personal challenge. Being somewhat  a private individual, I struggle with the balancing of personal conversations in public spaces. However, I think that is also one of the most interesting aspects of digital humanities:  redefining (or challenging) our notions of private and public space--not in terms of starting or ending points, but as a place of building, a kind of embodied journey. And I think that it is this kind of infrastructure that interdisciplinary work needs in order to become the rule rather than the exception.

And at the very least, it'll be fun to hang out with other geeks.

Looking forward...!


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