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Everything Change: A Climate Fiction Anthology from Arizona State University

Everything Change climate fiction anthology illustration - a stylized topographical map

Arizona State University's Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative is proud to announce the publication of a free digital anthology of climate fiction, Everything Change. The anthology features the top twelve stories from our 2016 Climate Fiction Short Story Contest, along with contributions from renowned science fiction authors Kim Stanley Robinson and Paolo Bacigalupi. 

We hope that this anthology is an inspiring starting point for conversations about how possible futures for humanity and Earth will be shaped and transformed by climate change. We think it will be useful in a variety of educational settings, and it's also - we humbly submit - a pretty great read!

The book is free to download, read, and share in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats at the Imagination and Climate Futures website, and at the Apple iBooks store and the Kobo store.

The anthology's title, Everything Change, is drawn from a quote by Margaret Atwood, the first Imagination and Climate Futures lecturer at ASU in 2014. 


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