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The Future of MOOCS and the Liberal Arts


It seems that the topic on everyone’s minds lately is MOOCs—Mass Open Online Courses.  Although a great idea for large universities, the concept of having MOOCs at a small liberal arts school like Monmouth College is a challenge.  Mauri Ditzler, The president of Monmouth College, has a few ideas as to how MOOCs could be introduced into the school curriculum. Based on three theories of what the “liberal arts” means, President Ditzler believes that MOOCs at Monmouth would be best implemented as an additional course supplement. 


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Bridget Draxler



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To provide you an example, the American Accounting Association (AAA) will hold their main conference in the field with that theme. It is interesting to think about and as an example. Usually accountants are portrayed as very conservative, but the main association in this field is also concerned about thinking MOOC.

I have sent a paper about the use of virtual worlds (Second Life) in teaching/learning accounting there.