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OurNet: Moving Forward

Following the success of our initial workshops at Eyebeam, the OurNet team is considering how we can expand on our project. We are working on materials to distribute at future workshops and considering new ways of instruction and presentation.

On November 5th and 6th at the International Center of Photography, Dan will host an OurNet workshop in collaboration with Machine Project. It is open to the public. It's part of an exhibition called Public, Private, Secret curated by Charlotte Cotton, featuring work by Jill Magid, Martine Syms, Zach Blas, Trevor Paglan, and others. Concurrent with the OurNet ICP workshop, there will be a conference in Brooklyn called Radical Networks, "three days of speakers, panels, workshops, and an art exhibit designed to introduce the community to DIY networking." We recommend attending the Radical Networks reading group event at ICP on Oct 20th, "an open conversation about access and privacy."

While we consider the future of OurNet, we are finding inspiration in projects that accomplish similar goals:

— Ingrid Burrington and Surya Mattu have a project called Networks Land that similarly uses course material and exercises for middle school aged students.

Networks Land "modeling kit used to show two devices (a laptop and a router) communicating wirelessly via wifi."

— Amy Wibowo has published several zines called BubbleSort that focus on a single technical object and explain how it works. The zine on computers is a particular inspiration.

BubbleSort zines


If you are New York, please come to the event Nov 5 and 6th and please consider signing up for the Eyebeam mailing list for updates on OurNet!


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