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A Slightly More Belated Introduction

A Slightly More Belated Introduction

Hey everybody, my name is Jamie and I take forever to introduce myself. But, here I go!

I've just entered my third year in the Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media Ph.D program here at North Carolina State University in sunny Raleigh. I'm completing my last course and reading for exams, as well as teaching a section of our first year composition course.

Prior to NCSU, I earned my MA in Literature, Composition & Rhetoric at Northern Illinois University. Before that I had a real job as a safety professional for an industrial electrical contractor in the Chicago area. I had worked for that company for many years, during which I attended the local community college before completing my BS in Political Science and Religious Studies at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Before all of that I was a college dropout for a few years. So I guess taking longer than usual to do things is sort of a pattern, but one I come by honestly.

Throughout my masters I was largely focused on narratology and game studies, and those have remained important parts of my scholarship. However, I have increasingly moved towards digital humanities and physical computing, largely via the Arduino platform. Some of my projects include a robot that insulted peope with increasing vitriol as they moved closer to its face and a rig that translated the wearers' movements into a visual depiction of the space they created while moving. Recently, I had a piece on display briefly at the local Contemporary Art Museum, consisting of a manual typewriter that wrote in blocks of color on a projected screen. I have also been collaborating with a professor on a study of the game League of Legends. I also 3D print things on occasion, and have managed to zap myself with electricity more than once. And I own the best dog in the universe.

I'm looking to meet like-minded nerds and collaborators. I love working with Arduino, and would be happy to help get other scholars thinking in physical circuitry. Really, I'll collaborate on anything once; twice if I have fun!


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