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Time Management Under My Own Regulations

Time Management Under My Own Regulations

I have learned a few things from myself and my work habits due to the changes I have made to my syllabus over the past semester. First, I would like to say that this has been a tremendously busy year for education,work, and future planning.  I realized that when this internship entered my schedule that I would need to readjust several habits dealing with time management, and balancing work and my extracurricular activities.  The first few weeks of this internship were hectic because I had several commitments that had been scheduled since July, and do to this I had to push a lot of my work off. Although it has been rough building this syllabus due to the beginning of the semester being such a hectic start, it is starting to finally take shape with the conclusion of this semester.

When I originally signed up for this internship, I thought we would have a few meetings throughout the semester to discuss our progress, and so far this internship has been very self oriented. I have done several internships that were under direct supervision. However, this internship has made us our own boss, choosing deadlines for ourselves, assigning hours to work on what we can, and so on so forth. This has been an awesome learning experience for myself due to this method of choosing when to accomplish what. I originally thought that we would be making a web-site from scratch along with meetings but instead I’m doing coding which has been a very different experience for myself. I never thought that the creation of a web-site would have codes needed in order to give the web-site color, images, volume, and design. I have realized that not all internships are going to be the same. Some may be under the supervision of one or more people and some may be under your control completely. This type of internship has been more of an independent study than anything else.  I have better prepared myself for the future by acknowledging that not all internships or work related programs are going to be the same. I have also acknowledged that things are not what they seem, especially in the humanities. 

I plan to create a technically component blog through what I have learned by writing on the difficulties of coding. I’m currently new to coding so I don’t want to enforce this idea that I know everything about coding and that one should listen to me because I’ am in an internship on it. However, I will do my best to create a blog for those who are interested in coding and web-design. I recently looked at the word press themes which are offered and I liked the simplicity of Superhero. This style is very clean and it gives the colors a pop instead of the ordinary color style which is boring. The only issue I may have with this is that it is CSS3, which is like CSS but with subtle changes. I will review the Superhero theme until I find something else.  The only widget I would include is something dealing with my blog, Facebook, and possibly Twitter.  However, if I were to do this then I would have to make my personal page more oriented towards the blog I’ am trying to market. I will do my best to demonstrate my skills in my final project by taking what I have learned from this internship and my past creativity and using it to separate my project from all of the others. I really hope to get a handle of coding as the semester comes to its end and I'm looking forward to what coding will do for my future now that I' am learning more about it. 


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