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DIGW/M-Ubuntu at Ramosadi Primary in Mafikeng, S. Africa

Ramosadi Primary, in Mafikeng, is much smaller than Spectrum, the school we visited last week -- Ramosadi has just one class per grade. (It's growing, though -- the 1st grade has 75 (!) students in one classroom, with two teachers, until they can prepare another classroom.)  What's really distinctive, however, is the vision that the principal, M-Ubuntu team member Sydney Teme, has for the school as a place for community-based lifelong learning. At the moment the school compound is home to several public/private initiatives, including a group that conducts adult classes in basic civil engineering, one that will soon be doing computer training, and one that teaches nursing.  Other rooms are being prepared for an adult home economics course and for a workshop that will teach people how to make beads from used glass bottles.  There is also a community garden, half of which is used for an agriculture class.  Kids pump water from the ground into a water tower using a device that works like a merry-go-round, and large cisterns are being set up to collect rainwater.

Given all of that activity, we decided to have the kids explore the things going on around the school rather than venturing out into the community.  Compared to Spectrum Primary, the learners had a bit more trouble getting good photos and video -- not surprising, since most of them had gotten their hands on the smartphones for the first time yesterday.  Still, with a good dose of guidance from the project team, we should have a game up by tomorrow afternoon. If nothing else, the children are extraordinarily excited about playing DIGW games and working with the smartphones.



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This is stunning, Jeff,and presages a wonderful collaboration between these two DML II winners, Dev Info and M'Ubuntu.  Thanks for these gorgeous photos and inspiring words.