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Learners in South Africa make a DIGW game

Haven't had internet for a while, so catching up from last week....

On Wednesday the rain, which fell nearly constantly all week, cleared up just enough to allow the learners at Spectrum Primary to hop on two mini-buses with their smartphones and go out to several places in the community: the library, a health clinic, government offices for social services and environment, an orphanage/preschool, and a shantytown near the school.  At each site, staff (or in the case of the shantytown, residents) showed us around and talked with the students extensively -- an astounding level of access considering we arrived at each place without advance notice.  The learners were terrific interviewers, and while they certainly were happy to get a chance to get out of the school building, their enthusiasm and interest was clearly genuine.  Some of what we saw was sobering, if not surprising: a clinic where people with chronic high blood pressure and diabetes competed for attention with HIV patients and pregnant teenagers; a man who showed us a huge hole in the unpaved road leading to the shantytown where he lived, preventing ambulances and other vehicles from entering the neighborhood -- but others were hopeful, like the beautiful and peaceful orphanage where a social worker told us she never gets tired of her job, and where retired house mothers live in cottages on-site so they can provide continuity and wisdom as "grandmothers."

Normally we would have the students transfer the media from their phones and edit the video into short clips out of their Wednesday night, we bluetoothed all the media to our laptops and, because we had only one more day at the school, we made some executive editing decisions, making some short clips from which each group could choose.  Thursday morning each group chose four items -- photos or videos -- and a few words for each to go on the game grid.  Put all together it is a striking game, and the learners got to present it to the entire faculty before we left.  (See the solitaire version directly at

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