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DIGW at Spectrum Primary

The DIGW team spent the day at Spectrum Primary School in Ennerdale, S. Africa (near Johannesburg).  Our activity with the learners (the consistently used term for students here, much to our delight) starts tomorrow, but we were able to set up our server in the computer lab and meet with the educators (the prefered term for teachers) who will be working most directly with us.  It turns out that, in a slight change of plans, we'll be working with about 7th graders who already have experience with the M-Ubuntu smartphones, selected from all three 7th grade classes.  (We had originally proposed working with one whole 6th grade class, but interestingly, the educators' concern was less that every student get a chance to participate than that every *class* be represented in the activity.)

(above: Monday morning assembly at Spectrum)

Over the next three days, the learners will get a chance to play some DIGW games and think about the Millennium Development Goals, go out into the community to take photos and videos on MDG topics like health, environment, poverty, and education, and finally put their media together into a DIGW game.

Meanwhile, we've learned that conducting and documenting an activity using lots of cell phones, laptops, and cameras in a place without many electrical outlets means a lot of time charging batteries.....


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